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Blog 12

           Tripping Africa

4 Months, 5 Countries, 1 Epic Adventure!!!

Blog 9


Augrabies is best known for the Augrabies waterfall in the Augrabies Fall National Park, but Augrabies also refers to a tiny settlement about 20 km from the park borders where a community mostly consisting of farmers and seasonal workers produces oranges, pecan nuts, grapes and raisins.


Blog 5


Stellenbosch is a student town in the wine region of the Western Cape Province and it is situated about 50 kilometers from Cape Town.

(This blog is incomplete and I will expand on it in the near future.)

Blog 4

Mossel Bay

Mossel Bay is a harbour town of about 60 000 people 400 km from Cape Town on the south coast of South Africa. It is s place with an abundance of sunshine, great beaches and amazing vistas! -  (published: 6 January 2016)

Blog 3

Knysna & Surrounds

 I visit the beautiful Garden Route.

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Blog 1 - Getting  Ready - I prepare to hit the road