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I Don’t Know Why by Chris Wait

I don’t know why we keep on trying flying blind is never much fun
the days are short the road is long the end is near yet always gone
stony faces line dusty streets internal battles that make us weak
going nowhere seems far away standing still with steps of clay
with stolen words we learn to pray

I don’t know why we lock our doors always at war without a cause
when all is gone what will be left? but lonely whispers inside our head
I don’t why young hearts are broken and swept away with the tide
like Viking vessels gone astray burning love on their way

I don’t why we can’t be heroes with wings like silver and thoughts of gold
flying up into a sky where gods and angels won’t let us die
I see you laughing with a gorgeous smile going like crazy down a miracle mile
reaching for heaven leaving all behind becoming alright with what you will find

now I know why