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In certain sections of this novel, art pieces will be described in the story-line. They will be re-created by me in real life.


                                     1: Untitled

                                         (Painting - Mixed Media)

This painting will go with the first painting described in the first crime scene.


"At the centre of the spectacle was a stretched canvas with an abstract painting on it depicting a strange scene. The sky was painted with human blood while the rest was a mixture of oil paint and a few other mediums. (Later on the lab test would reveal a significant amount of sexual fluids. It was this that lead him to the conclusion that it must have been a male and female collaborating in this murderous work of art.)

The landscape was filled with what seemed to be mythical creatures reminiscent of cave paintings. Some were winged with delicately crafted facial features but grotesque lower limbs seemingly in the act of trying to escape from land dwelling beasts. They were attached to the earth with thin lines, as if they were animal balloons.

The predators were depicted as prowling, fire breathing monsters, some feasting on pieces of what was supposedly flesh. There was a huge sun in one corner that seemed to engulf the scene with projecting light rays. A tree of life stood alone and aloof on a hill, its branches carrying all kinds of symbols like a Christmas tree that belonged in Alice in wonderland.

It made him think of paintings by artists like Edvard Munch and Emild Nolde, only more hellish and heavanish in the same moment."